We are TiltShift

Based in Los Angeles, Since 2015

TiltShift is Publicis Groupe’s bold, new production and consulting capability, merging the disciplines of game design and visual effects production to create next generation content.

The paradigm shift is now.

The confluence of gaming, digital, and wireless with traditional advertising and entertainment content is changing the way brands engage with consumers, and forever changing what consumer demand of their brands. 

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This is what we do.
  • CAD Data Prep & Management

  • Strategic Consulting

  • CGI/VFX production and post production

  • Live action production and VFX supervision

  • Media distribution and management

  • Configurable media
  • Extended reality media (VR, AR, MR, Holographics, 360 video, WebGL)
  • Traditional media: still images and motion media
  • Web & App Based AR/VR content


  • Social
  • Mobile
  • WWW
  • TV/Streaming
  • Point of Sale
  • Print & Out Of Home


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Recent Work

A sampling of some our most recent work
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TiltShift for OEMs

TiltShift brings together top talent from throughout the industry, with decades of experience across dozens of global automotive, entertainment, CPG, and enterprise OEMs, securely managing and leveraging engineering data to create immersive content that spans the advertising landscape.

Our competencies include:

1) Secure data management and preparation.

2) Content creation, with an emphasis on the new media frontier, including render-on-demand and VR/AR/MR.

And while our production philosophy builds on established best practices, it also includes methodologies and tools that address the rapidly-changing digital landscape, which puts increasing demands on marketers to provide accurate, contextually-relevant, personalized assets across the entire brand and media ecosystem.

To this end, as we look to the future of the emerging media landscape, we are leveraging the unique capabilities of a soon-to-be-announced “Power of Three” – a partnership between Microsoft, Adobe, and Publicis Groupe – to establish a new industry-standard for AI-driven, rapid, and scalable content production and delivery.

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